What is MotorTechna?

autojumble and exhibition of historical vehicles. It is organized twice a year (april and october) on the ground area 1 730 m² in pavilion and 11 200 m² on open air space around in site of BVV.


begun in mid of eighteth, when members of Veteran Automoto Club decided to prepare a meeting of motoring enthusiasts on athletic stadium START located in Brno´s district Lesna in order to swap, buy or sell spare parts and manuals. Just a few people came that time.


More and more people begun interested in following years. There were hundreds in the mid of ninetieth. The stadium was not big enough and event moved to sport airfield in Brno-Slatina. That was not enough also and so was decided to move the event on one of landing areas of Brno´s airport. Here was the event held until april 2003. There was continuosly increasing number of visitors and applications from exhibitors. Team working on Autosalon and Autotec trade fairs helped to move the event finally to the grounds of Brno´s trade fair area.


MotorTechna is organized in BVV grounds from october 2003. Attendance still growing: about 430 exhibitors and 3400 visitors came last time. There were about 60 cars and 40 motorbikes exhibited. Wide offer begun to include another collectibles, presentation of renovator companies and those who produce replicas of spare parts or accesories, even period clothing. MotorTechna is prepared by team of 4 people and in the day "D" it is 45 organizers on the spot. Exhibitors could order space in advance and could book the same spot for next event. Exhibitors could enter the area day before as it is usual on similar events. With growing number of visitors and exhibitors also number of foreign participants is growing. Regularly we meet people from Slovenia, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Slovinia, Lituania, Italy, Holand, France and Norway.


Thanks to possibilities of Brno´s trade fair area growing number of people interested in the event is expected from all european countries. The organizers do their best to improve quality of services provided. Only difficulty is that the fixed term of event is beyond the possibilities of the organizers. They are fully dependent on dates and terms defined by BVV in that question.