Drive In:

• Entry 4th gate
• On friday from 16.00 to 21.00
• Saturday from 5.00
• It is forbiden to drive in from friday 21.00 to saturday 5.00

Drive Out: Drive out is allowed after 15.00

Order and stand: If you want to have a stand here fill the order. After your order is received you will get detailed information and voucher for payment. It could be payd by bank transfer also. Do not send it cash by mail!.

Your order is accepted after payment at last on 15. 2. / 15.9.

By well timed payment you save on fees and your name and company will be published in MotorTechna guide. You can order an advertisement in the guide also.

At the latest 14 days before the event you receive entrance tickets, vehicle pass and a plan with your stand marked on it.

Full refreshment service is available in licenced units. Individual sale of food and drinks is forbiden.

  In advance On the spot
Pavilion – Area 2 x 2.5 m 200 CZK 400 CZK
Uncovered area – Area 20 m² (4 x 5 m) 300 CZK 600 CZK
Uncovered area + Area 10 m² (2 x 5m) only to the base area 20 m² 150 CZK 300 CZK
Exhibitors ticket max. 3 pieces per order 80 CZK 160 CZK
Vehicle pass – max. 3 pieces per order 50 CZK 100 CZK