Spring VeteránTechna Brno 15.4.2023

Important arrival changes for visitors, vendors and exhibitors.

Due to the construction work that has begun around the Brno Exhibition Centre, we would like to inform all visitors of VeteránTechna that access to the BVV grounds is significantly restricted. Follow the traffic signs!

Exhibitors and vendors will only enter through gate 4!
(Gate 10 no longer exists – it is only used for access to the construction site)

Visitors arriving at the exhibition centre from the north, e.g. on the motorway from Vyškov and from the south from Breclav or Bratislava, will enter the exhibition centre through gate 4 and will park inside the premises according to the instructions of the organisers.

Visitors arriving on D1 from Prague will pass through the tunnel and turn off the tunnel onto ul. Bauerova and will drive past the exhibition centre to the parking house and will also enter the premises through gate 4.
We cannot guarantee whether the exit from the tunnel directly to the exhibition centre will be open on Saturday as in the past to gate 9a.

Visitors arriving from Svitavy – via Žabovřesky – will enter through gate 9A (as before) and after filling up the usual parking capacity behind Hall Z they will also be directed to gate 4, where they will park inside the grounds.

Unfortunately, these inconveniences are beyond the control of the VeteranTechny organiser and are due to the overall situation at the site, which will last until the end of 2025.

When leaving the exchange, you cannot use the D1 motorway tunnel entrance, but must use the detour and the entrance via Videnska Street. (Turn left at the roundabout before gate 4 and not take the first exit on the right).

Any other unexpected changes and recommendations, should they arise, will be posted just before the exchange on the website www.veterantechna.cz. We recommend that you visit this website on the Friday before departure where any further changes or clarifications will be posted.

Ing. Jan Šustáček, main organizer for VAC Brno

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